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Get a kickstart on YouTube with a pre-monetized channel. Buy YouTube channels with subscribers and watch hours, ready for immediate earnings!


  • Monetization Status: All channels are fully monetized, ready to generate revenue.
  • Delivery: Instant delivery via email
  • Guarantee: After sale we cover you for 180 days
  • Exchange: Yes! You are free to change your account if you dislike it within 30 days after purchase.
  • Audience Size: Choose from channels with 1,000 to 1 million subscribers.
  • Engagement History: Options ranging from 4,000 watch hours to 70,000, plus with 30k-3million Shorts views.
  • Content Volume: Select channels with 13 to 60 existing videos.
  • Customizable Options: Receive detailed niche information and write your target country at checkout.
  • Security & Assurance: Accounts are safe with no history of warnings, plus 180 days of post-sale technical support.
  • Bulk Purchases: Resellers, contact our helpdesk directly for volume discounts.

What is the best site to buy monetized YouTube channels with Subscribers?

Ever wondered where to buy YouTube monetized channels that perfectly fit your specific needs? Have you been searching for a site that provides not just generic platforms but tailored solutions for your unique requirements? Well, consider your search over. Welcome to kicksta1, your go-to online platform for purchasing monetized YouTube channels.

At kicksta1, we understand that each client is distinctive, with unique needs and goals that can’t be met with one-size-fits-all solutions. That’s why we’re steadfastly committed to offering tailored solutions, making us the best site to buy YouTube monetized channels. But why exactly should you choose to buy a monetized YouTube channel? Let’s delve into this:

Buy YouTube Monetized Channel Now
Buy YouTube Monetized Channel Now

Buying a YouTube monetized channel is a strategic investment. It offers a solid foundation for those who aim to earn revenue from their content but want to skip the often time-consuming initial phase of channel growth. With a ready-made, monetized channel, you can start earning from the word ‘go’.

Through kicksta1, not only do you have the chance to buy a monetized YouTube channel, but you also tap into our rich expertise, ensuring that your channel is poised for success right from the start. Stick around as we unpack what makes kicksta1 the perfect choice for all your YouTube channel needs.

Choosing to buy YouTube-monetized channel may initially seem like a daunting proposition. However, we are here to help you navigate all the steps involved seamlessly. We deliver high-value channels that have been crafted with interesting, high-quality content aimed at captivating your audience, ensuring a thriving online environment for your videos.

We understand the importance of having a loyal viewership. Thus, all our channels come with a strong, established audience that is eager to engage with content. Moreover, with our channels, you don’t have to worry about building a subscriber list from scratch or spending endless hours promoting your channel. This enables you to hit the ground running upon Buy YouTube monetized channel.

But it doesn’t stop at simply owning a channel. To keep your account monetized and prevent demonetization, we provide essential guidance. Our expert team will keep you updated with the latest YouTube policies, informing you of what you should and shouldn’t do as you navigate your journey in the monetized YouTube arena.

Moreover, we provide exclusive tips on monetization methods that have been experimented with and proven to work best depending on content, audience, and goals.

This way, you maximize your profit and make the most of your investment. You can leverage the YouTube Partner Program’s monetization features, such as advertising, memberships, Super Chat, Super Stickers, Super Thanks, YouTube Premium, and Shopping.

Want to broaden your monetization methods? We got you covered! We will walk you through external methods that can be incredibly profitable. These include exploring crowdfunding platforms, such as Patreon.com and Patronite.pl, securing sponsorship deals, utilizing affiliate marketing, becoming a YouTube influencer, selling online courses, and much more.

When it comes to buy YouTube monetized channel, we are committed to ensuring your success. Make the most of your online content today with us!

Can I buy YouTube monetized Channel With 1 Million Subscribers?

Well, the simple answer is yes, you can! In fact, our online service here on our YouTube SMM Panel site offers just that.

YouTube monetization is an excellent way to turn your channel into an income stream, but getting there requires meeting YouTube’s set requirements. These mandatory prerequisites include having at least a thousand subscribers, along with four thousand hours of video viewing over the last year, or three million Shorts views in the past ninety days.

These requirements can come off as a lengthy and challenging process for some aspiring YouTubers. Meeting such standards frequently requires time, patience, and a great deal of consistent, high-quality content production. That’s where our SMM service steps in.

We understand the challenges that creators can face while attempting to organically grow their YouTube channel. Hence, we are excited to provide a service to buy YouTube monetized channel.

We offer channels with an existing subscriber base, starting from 1,000 subscribers up to 1 million subscribers, all ready and set to be monetized right away. Our services offer a remarkable kickstart to your monetization journey, all the while saving you the time and effort involved in meeting YouTube’s monetization eligibility criteria.

So, if you’re seeking to fast-track your YouTube monetization process, our service is your ticket. With us, buy YouTube monetized channel is just a few clicks away. And remember, it’s not just about having a monetized channel; it’s about having an existing, engaging community of users who are interested in your content too.

Dreaming about starting your YouTube journey with a bang? With us, you can get started with incredible leverage—fully monetized channels, a vast subscriber base, historical engagement, and content availability to keep your audience entertained. Besides, you can customize your purchase and avail of the security of no prior warnings and six months of technical support. Let’s dissect these attractive features a bit more!

Feature Benefit
Monetization Status All channels are fully monetized and revenue-ready from day one.
Audience size Choose from channels with 1,000 to 1 million subscribers—jumpstart your path to success.
Engagement History Start with impressively engaged channels with watch hours ranging from 4,000 to an astonishing 70,000!
Content Volume Choose channels with rich content history—13 to 60 videos.
Customizable Options Receive detailed niche information and select your preferred target country at checkout.
Security & Assurance Buy with confidence. Our channels have no history of warnings, with added post-sale technical support for 180 days.
Bulk Purchases Are you a reseller? Get volume discounts by contacting our helpdesk directly! Start multiplying your profits now.

Are you ready to buy your fully monetized YouTube channel and hit the ground running? Feel the joy of having an established presence from the very beginning, and feel the satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve made a smart investment!

Why has YouTube rejected monetization, and how will you deal with it?

you’ve set up your YouTube channel and fitted it with astonishing content, but then, suddenly, YouTube rejects your monetization? It can be a daunting experience, but it’s essential to understand why this happens and, more importantly, how you can address it effectively. Here’s where the beauty of our service, Buy YouTube Monetized Channel comes into play.

Buy YouTube Monetized Channel Here
Buy YouTube Monetized Channel Here

YouTube can deny monetization for reasons such as duplicative content or a lack of commercial rights. This majorly indicates that YouTube doesn’t see your content as meeting its Creator Monetization Policies. However, with our service, we alleviate those bumps in your journey to a successful channel.

We offer well-curated, monetized YouTube channels that are within YouTube’s monetization guidelines. Hence, you bypass the risk of your monetization being rejected.

  • When you choose to buy YouTube monetized channel from us, we ensure the channels have original content, thus not violating the duplicative content policy.
  • We verify the commercial use rights of all contents. So, you can rest assured that your channel is free from any copyright hassles.
  • Use of prohibited content? That’s a thing of the past. Our channels are squeaky clean of any content that goes against YouTube’s policies.

Essentially, we efficiently navigate around those areas where YouTube monetization often gets rejected. The effort of setting up a channel, filling it with content, and then waiting for it to be monetized may be time-consuming. Why not buy YouTube monetized channel and start earning right away? Consider our service as your fast-track ticket to a hassle-free YouTube monetization journey.

Pros Cons
You can start earning revenue immediately Initial investment required to buy YouTube monetized channel
Eliminates the need for a waiting period for monetization approval Lack of familiarity with channel’s existing content and audience
Guaranteed monetized channel without needing to meet YouTube’s stringent requirements It requires finding and maintaining an audience to sustain earnings
Opportunity to focus on creating quality content and growing the channel It may involve learning curve if you are new to YouTube platform

Where can I safely purchase a monetized YouTube channel?

If you have been wondering where you can buy YouTube monetized channel safely, you’re not alone. This is a common query among aspiring YouTubers and individuals looking to jumpstart their digital careers. It’s critical to select a reputable and trustworthy source when deciding on where to buy YouTube monetized channel, as not all sellers offer the same level of authenticity and security.

A popular place to buy YouTube monetized channel safely is through reliable social media marketing (SMM) websites. These websites provide a platform for channel owners to sell, and for buyers to purchase, a YouTube channel that is already capable of earning revenue. An authenticated SMM site ensures that all channels listed meet the necessary monetization requirements, are free of copyright strikes, and are created following YouTube’s policies and guidelines.

One such site is ours, where we boast a range of monetized YouTube channels for sale. We prioritize the safety of buyers with clear and transparent transaction procedures, ensuring complete security and peace of mind. We also provide support post-purchase, as we know that becoming a YouTube channel owner doesn’t end with simply buying the channel.

However, remember that while buy YouTube monetized channel can offer a faster route to earning potential, maintaining it requires dedication, consistency, and creative effort to keep engaging with your audience. So before you make the leap to buy YouTube monetized channel, ensure you’re ready to take on the responsibilities that come with it.

In summary, when looking to buy YouTube monetized channel, choosing a recognized and reputable SMM site can provide both the safety and variety you require. Ultimately, the survival and success of your channel depend on your ability to produce engaging content that complies with YouTube’s guidelines.

Why is buying a monetized YouTube channel better than growing a YouTube channel from scratch?

Buy YouTube Monetized Channel Service
Buy YouTube Monetized Channel Service

When you buy YouTube monetized channel, you’re essentially circumventing the often tedious and time-consuming process of building a channel from scratch. It’s like a shortcut to success. This is a feasible strategy, especially when you’re looking to hit the ground running, and here are the reasons why.

Firstly, a monetized YouTube channel guarantees an already established audience. This means you won’t have to start from zero, striving to increase your subscriber numbers or gain attention and traction. You’ll instead inherit a ready-made audience eager to watch your content.

Secondly, monetized channels are running revenue-generating machines. They’ve already tapped into YouTube’s monetization methods, be it through the Google AdSense Network, sponsorship deals, affiliate marketing, or even online course creation. So, when you Buy YouTube monetized channel, you’re stepping into a framework that is already earning revenue.

Thirdly, time is a crucial factor. Growing a YouTube channel from scratch demands an immense amount of time, effort, and patience. When you buy YouTube monetized channel, you’re buying into years of work that someone else has done. It’s an opportunity to minimize effort and maximize effectiveness—ideal for those seeking immediate results or lacking time.

Lastly, a monetized YouTube channel often comes with rich analytical data. By analyzing this data, you can tailor your content strategically; you will know what works, what doesn’t, your reach, engagement levels, etc. This data-driven strategy could be a game-changer in thriving in the YouTube space.

In conclusion, while growing a YouTube channel from scratch has its own rewards and sense of accomplishment, buying a monetized YouTube channel offers a unique advantage, making it a better choice for those seeking fast-track success.

Have you ever bought a YouTube channel for sale, and why?

Yes, I have! In this digital era, it’s all about leveraging the power of influencer marketing and tapping into an existing audience base. The YouTube channel I bought was already a monetized one, which was a fantastic way to jumpstart my video content journey.

There are many reasons why I chose to buy a monetized YouTube channel rather than grow one from scratch. First, it’s time-saving. Raising a YouTube channel from zero to thousands of subscribers takes a considerable amount of time, energy, and resources. In a world where time is of the essence, buying a popular, monetized channel enables an immediate upstart and an accelerated avenue for promotion, thus saving both time and effort.

Second, having access to a monetized channel allows a financier to tap into an existing fan base. These subscribers have already demonstrated an interest in the type of content provided on the channel, making it much easier to promote relevant products or services. In my case, purchasing an active channel translated into a ready audience that was receptive to my message.

The value of Buy YouTube monetized channel doesn’t stop at having your ready-to-go platform with its ready-made viewer base. It often comes bundled with profitable affiliate relationships and potential sponsorships. The previous owner of the channel I purchased had established relationships with advertisers and brands offering related products, which I could readily capitalize on.

Furthermore, having a ready audience allows you to test out multiple monetization strategies without the risk of alienating an emerging fan base. For instance, I experimented with previously untapped methods like selling online courses and branded merchandise, even exploring influencer marketing.

The success wasn’t overnight, though. Buy YouTube monetized channel offers a shortcut to building a popular channel, but maintaining and growing it still requires consistent effort, creativity, and time commitment. By aligning the channel’s content strategy with my vision and the audience’s preferences, I managed to both sustain the existing audience and attract new viewers.

To sum up, buy YouTube monetized channel can indeed be a wise investment if done right. You can benefit from already-established ties and an authentic audience ready to engage with your content and set up revenue streams quickly compared to building a channel from scratch. However, remember that the real challenge starts after buying the channel—keeping the audience engaged and growing the channel further. That’s where your real content creation skills will be tested.

Enhance your YouTube channel’s performance with our SMM panel service for buying YouTube watch hours. Instantly meet monetization


Buy YouTube Monetized Channel FAQ
Buy YouTube Monetized Channel FAQ

Is it legal to Buy YouTube monetized channel?

Yes, it’s legal to Buy YouTube monetized channel. However, it is essential to make sure that the channel you are buying follows all of YouTube’s guidelines and policies. Always choose a trusted and reputed online SMM site for your purchase.

How can I be sure that the YouTube channel I’m buying is already monetized?

Before selling a YouTube-monetized channel, the seller provides in-depth details about it, giving assurance of its monetization status. Always prefer a reliable platform for this purchase. They keep all the related information transparent for both the seller and the buyer.

Will my YouTube channel get demonetized after I buy it?

As long as you follow all YouTube guidelines and Google’s ad policies, your channel will maintain its monetization status. If any violations occur, there may be a risk of demonetization.

Can I change the content and keep the same monetization status?

Yes, you can change the content as per your choice. However, the content should be compliant with YouTube’s content policies to keep the channel’s monetization status intact.

How quickly can I start earning once I Buy YouTube monetized channel?

Once you’ve purchased and taken control of the monetized YouTube channel, you can start earning immediately through advertisements, affiliates, merchandise, and YouTube ads.

What if I face any issues after purchasing the YouTube-monetized channel?

Reliable platforms that sell YouTube-monetized channels generally have strong customer support. They are usually ready to assist buyers with any issues that may arise after the purchase.

Do I need to create my own AdSense account to earn monetization, or can I use the existing one?

Most of the time, you can use an existing AdSense account linked to the purchased channel. However, you may want to consult with the selling platform before making a purchase to avoid any inconvenience.


If you’re looking for an alternative way to make a consistent income online, you might want to consider the option to buy YouTube monetized channel through our SMM Panel site. Not only will you gain instant access to an established audience, but you also enjoy the benefits of an already monetized platform where earning potential is boundless.

From affiliate marketing and merchandise sales to creating and selling your products or courses through SchoolMaker, there are plentiful revenue streams open to you. It’s crucial to understand that our team is here to support you throughout this process, providing solutions for any difficulties that might arise, such as the application being rejected. But rest assured, in such cases, we offer valuable insights and guidance to overcome these obstacles and ensure your success on this platform.

Remember, when you buy YouTube monetized channel, you’re not merely purchasing a platform for broadcasting but an opportunity – an opportunity to connect with an audience, share your vision, and profit from your passion. Don’t let the fear of starting from scratch deter you from stepping into the world of content creation. With the right guidance and services, your YouTube success story is just around the corner.

Buy YouTube monetized channel today to kickstart your journey towards achieving your dreams while making a substantial income.

Buy YouTube Monetized Channel

Buy YouTube Monetized Channel Get a headstart on YouTube with monetized channel. Buy established channels with subscribers and watch hours.

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